I’m the first one to say that I’m incredibly lucky. Over the the last few years, I’ve told hundreds – no, thousands of people that I’ve presented to – how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such a great support system.

Having gone through 2 sessions of StacyK Academy, and led the Work/Life Harmony sessions at both Scaling New Heights and QuickBooks Connect has reinforced these feelings of thankfulness.

As I was walking through the airport to my gate, heading to this year’s Sleeter Conference, with no other obligations than to walk onto a stage and accept an award for CPA Practice Advisor’s Most Powerful Women in Accounting award – for the FOURTH FREAKING YEAR IN A ROW – I couldn’t help but think about all of the people that help me get through every single day. Each in their own little, or incredibly huge, way.

My watch was buzzing, telling me texts were coming in, emails were coming in. With each buzz on my wrist, I felt like it was yelling: “Stacy, there were a million things to do! Why are you casually strolling through the airport and not walking as fast as you can down the moving walkway. The quicker you get to the skyclub, the quicker you can reply to that email about adding a new estimate and sending that invoice…”

I started to grab my phone to reply to some of these, as I was walking, and then just stopped dead in my tracks. I put my phone in my backpack and almost blinded the entire airport with the lightbulb that went on over my head: I don’t HAVE to reply right this second.

Then I window shopped allllll the way down the McNamara terminal; I’m convinced that gates 20-60 are just for show, I’ve never had a flight in or out of those! I almost bought a pair of earrings, but asked myself if I really loved them – the answer was “Feh”, so I put them back. I finally stopped into the Delta SkyClub (letting a dude go before me that was really, really in a hurry to get in), found the comfiest chair I could, grabbed a coffee and sat down with a book and sent this text to my husband:


My friend, Donna Ohman and I have a saying about what we do: “We’re not saving lives”. I thought I got that, but it wasn’t until that moment, standing in the middle of DTW, that, you know, I really GOT it. My clients aren’t going to care if I reply in 15 minutes, or an hour and 15 minutes. They just care that I’m getting shit done, that I’m getting it done correctly, and before any deadlines.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to strive for #InboxZero – it’s one of my favorite games to play, almost as much as 2048 or Peggle – but I’m just not going to worry about it quite so much.

So my Thanksgiving wish for you is that you share hugs (real ones, now – you gotta really bring it in, no bro hugs or business hugs) with the people around you that help you be you, that help you get through each day. My wish for you is that you are able to take 30 minutes today to do something that is JUST FOR YOU. My wish for you is that you truly realize:


(Yeah, I realize that is a really long hashtag that won’t catch on. I’m okay with that. It’s just a hashtag.)

Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Stephanie McGuirt

    Stacy, that is awesome.. I love that hashtag and I completely agree with you! Thank You for sharing this- I am always excited to read your latest article!

    • StacyK

      You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Neilia Brown

    GURL! You are totally brillz. Seriously. For me, this year has been jam-packed with emergencies, both real and imagined. NONE of the real ones involved work. Reading this post just highlights for me the importance of discriminating between the two. My limbic system isn’t evolved enough to distinguish between an overflowing inbox and, say, a ravenous Saber Tooth Tiger in my office. It’s up to me to slow down and consciously recognize the difference. Then, when real emergencies hit (and they do sometimes), I’ve got the reserves to deal with them. THANK YOU for this, Stacy. As always, you ROCK!

    • StacyK

      Hey girl heyyyyy.

      LOL at Saber Tooth Tiger!!!

  3. Dee Reckner

    Great post! Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way!

    My motto is “No one dies in Accounting” 😉

    • StacyK



    • Woody Adams

      Dee, that is a great quote! I love it!


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