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Guest post by Woody Adams |

A few weeks ago on QBOShow, (You can listen to the 25 minute archive here), I  went over the new QuickBooks Online Accountant Overview Tab in the left hand panel of a client QuickBooks Online (QBO) file when you access as an accountant/firm user.

Note: Clients do NOT have this tab/feature. It is really just for accounting professionals. There are 3 current components to the Overview tab at this time: Company Setup, Banking Activity, Common Issues. Let’s take a look…

image8 2

Company Setup surfaces up the following data about the client QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription. I like knowing what 3rd party apps my client has connected to the file, as when in the file from QBOA, there is NO Apps tab…

image1 2

Banking Activity is pretty self-explanatory and obvious, see below. As well, you can drill into the register from the Unreconciled transactions and the Banking window from the Unaccepted transactions amount. Not sure why when I click the Account name in column it drives me to Bank feeds. Hmmmm. Not sure I am a fan of that, however, the team is taking Feedback (click in upper right of Overview window), so please offer it up!

image9 2

The section I like best is Common Issues. There is some great low-hanging fruit of workflow mistakes clients will make at large we identify. Check it out below! Drilling into the numbers and/or amounts takes you to the respective registers. Again, not a fan of that outcome, and I have given feedback to drive instead to a report. But you know better about what you want, so please, give Feedback…

image7 2

When I drill down on Opening Balance Equity, below is where I land. Anyone care to tell me why I have a $-226.25 balance? ☺ Remember, we do NOT want to hit Opening Balance Equity, and it is usually not our fault. Anytime when entering a balance into a new customer, vendor, account; or entering quantity on hand for an inventory part, QuickBooks Online (QBO) offsets this (by design) to Opening Balance Equity. Explain to your clients that they should NOT to do this. Use instead transactions to do this. Better for reporting and will not add anything to the dreaded Opening Balance Equity…

image10 2

Pretty great tool for new clients, or even existing clients if you just want to take a quick peek to make sure everything is going well.

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