QuickBooks Online Bundles Have Arrived!

NOTE: This feature is a LIMITED RELEASE as of August 5, 2016; not all users will have it.

As a longtime lover of the Group Items available in QuickBooks Desktop, I am ridiculously excited to see that we now have something similar in QuickBooks Online – they’re called Bundles.

bundles 07

Look at that  pic. They’re pretty fabulous, aren’t they?

QuickBooks Online Bundles Have Arrived!

I’ve used QBDT Group Items for years to easily track commissions paid to 1099 Contractors (ie: an independent sales rep, or some other non employee vendor), and have long lamented the fact that this wasn’t a feature in QBO.

bundles 08

That’s all changed, and I’ve created a PDF walk through to show how to set this up.


Here it is: 

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