Planning in 2016– What will you do differently?

Happy New Year! It’s another new year, time to clean off the desk and have a fresh start. While I love the idea of a fresh start, I hate the idea of resolutions. You see, I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. The problem I have with resolutions is that I don’t think they work – and neither do a bunch of other people that are smarter than me.

Resolution makers have the best intentions, but most of the time, they don’t map out how they’re going to keep that resolution. How can you make huge changes in your life or your business without a plan to do it?

As you look at your goals for 2016, don’t make a resolution: make a plan!

  1. Figure out what you really want. New clients, more time with family, higher profit, skinnier waist line—whatever it is, the first step in getting it is to decide you want it.
  2. Make sure it’s realistic. “I want to double my gross revenue” sounds great, but is it a goal that you can truly reach?
  3. Break it up into smaller pieces. This is what I call the Mount St. Laundry theory. A giant pile of laundry seems overwhelming until you starting sorting it – darks, whites, etc. Look at what you want by the end of 2016, and then set quarterly and monthly goals to get there.
  4. Create a plan. How are you going to accomplish your goals? Figure out one, two or three things you can CHANGE to achieve your goal. Is it tracking what you eat? Cutting out sugar? Firing crappy clients?
  5. Get help. Sometimes the reasons we haven’t accomplished our goals is because we don’t know how. That’s when it is time to get help—and there are a ton of place to get help, no matter what your goals. Weight Watchers, a marketing manager, an online course like the StacyK Academy.
  6. Be accountable. If you have a staff or team, make sure they’re involved in the entire process. If you don’t, think about joining an online group to share your progress or find an accountability buddy. Our new Facebook group, Between Wall & Main, may be just what you need to share your progress and get input. Ask to join!

If your goals are any of the following:

  • More time with family
  • Working only with people you like
  • Increasing your sales funnel
  • Making more money

then the StacyK Academy may be just what you are looking for.
The next session of the StacyK Academy starts February 11 and we’d love to have you. Space is limited, so sign up quickly! Check out our FREE webinar on using Google Forms in your practice on Wednesday, January 13 from 12-1 p.m. ET. Register now.

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