New Favorite Apps

I’ve been saying it for years: if I could do everything from my iPhone, that would be perfect.

Well, not perfect, I’ll be honest – it is a little hard to create a word doc or do online banking with QuickBooks desktop from my tiny phone screen. But you get my point, right?

I just wanted to share a few recently found apps that I’m loving:

WordPress: This one is¬†fantastic (since this site is new and we just had RadioFreeQB & RFQTv updated by the FANTASTIC Jen Puckett). With all the travel that my RFQ partner in crime Dawn Brolin and I have been doing, this makes updating the sites a breeze. I can create blog posts really fast – uploading pictures, video, links, whatever – so that our listeners and watchers can see what’s happening. The best part is that I can add as many blogs as I need. And since I have 3 to update regularly, this is an added bonus that I admit I was not expecting.

Quicklytics: This might be one of the nerdiest apps, if only because of how much time I spend with it. I essentially manage 4 websites that I want to track traffic on – RadioFreeQB, RFQTv, SmallBizVcon and Kildal Services – this app shows me my Google Analytics stats. I’ve found it’s one of the first things I do in the morning, after I check my emails. Being able to view ALL of that data is so cool. I can see the top page referrers, what time of day gets the most traffic, or what days during the week. For instance: more people visit RadioFreeQB during the middle of the week, which makes sense because the show is live on Wednesdays. RFQTv gets more traffic during the weekends, maybe because people have more time to watch those 15 minute episodes.

TripWeather: I used this one on a recent family vacation. Every year we drive down to Florida from Michigan, and this app lets me put in my start point, my stop point, an optional mid point and the date and time we’re leaving. It doesn’t give weather details, it gives you route conditions. The color coded scale is simple – green to yellow to red – to display good driving conditions or hazardous.

Givit: I have to thank Danny Ortega from Intuit for hooking me up with this one. Dawn and I were recently out at Intuit’s HQ in Mt View California, and I was able to grab some short interviews on my iphone. Not having the option of downloading them to my computer to edit in my preferred editor Camtasia, I was able to edit them and post to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, from the plane on the way home. (Gotta love Delta’s wifi!) You can effects and transitions, put it to music, put more than one video together, or just parts from one video. Super easy!

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