Why I Hand Write My To Do List

I know. I know. You’re thinking: “Hand write? What the what??”

I love my iphone, my ipad, my MacBook Air. I’ve said over and over again: if I could do everything for work from my phone, I would be in heaven. I work remotely, I leverage technology to do everything I can.

Except my To Do list.

Trust me, I’ve tried just about every single task manager app there is. And we DO use a project management app here at Kildal Services. I have yet to find a task manager that I love – that works for me personally.

I want pull a George Constanza and to tell each app: “It’s not YOU, it’s ME.”

The reason is that I really only remember things well if I read them; if I write them, I’ll remember them for damn near forever.

In the past, I’ve used an app in the past for random things, called MyScriptMemo. It was pretty close to perfect – what I wanted was an app that I could hand write a list, and that would sync between my ipad/iphone for editing and my mac for viewing. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this just ain’t gonna happen.

Fortunately, two things happened recently, that may lead me to leave behind  my beloved pink Moleskine notebooks & pink ink pens.

The first is that I’ve upgraded to an iPad Air. SO MUCH smaller and lighter than the 2nd gen iPad I had. It’s about the same size as the notebooks I’ve always used to write my To Do Lists – a new page each day. I transfer the items that didn’t get finished each night for the next day. With, of course, pink ink.

The second is that I discovered another app from MyScript, called Smart Note. Better interface the other app I was using, very similar to Penultimate, which is the app I’ve always used to take notes during client meetings. With Smart Note, I’ll be able to delete Penultimate, because now I can keep multiple notebooks and instead of sending the notes to a client as an image or PDF, I can quickly convert them to a text, and edit needed. This creates a more polished, professional image.

The best part? I don’t have to give up my pink ink 🙂

to-do-01-225x300 to-do-02-225x300





For someone that refuses to give up real books for an e-reader (although I have read a few books with my Kindle app), the big question is: do I really WANT to give up my paper & pen?

What do you use for your To Do List?



  1. Kim Cazel

    Love this post. Going to try out the app and I can save my purple pen. By the way, thought you’d get a kick out of the fact that I tried to go bold in a red highlight for conference but between the meds I’m on for this bronchitis and/or the hot baths I took right after color….it all faded. Total fail. Trying to get up the nerve to go purple…ok, maybe not purple but a grade shade of plum.

    Kim Cazel
    Your Front eOffice

  2. Daniela Galvez

    Thanks for sharing Stacy! I still use my leuchtturm1917 for my to do list. I will look into it.

    • StacyK

      Welcome! Thanks for the comment.


  3. Heather Pranitis

    I use Teamwork but I use Steno Pads for each and every client and then scan to Evernote (so that I’m virtual). Yep, its a sickness. Oh, and let’s not forget the “teal” colored Pilot V Razor Point Extra Fine pen that I need to use!

    • StacyK

      I need a pen with pink ink… of course!



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