What’s a Good System for Small Business Payroll… My latest article for the FunderaLedger

Check out my latest article for the Fundera.com Ledger blog, on what the best options are for Small Business Payroll (hint: whatever works, as long as it’s set up by an accounting professional… )


  1. Becky Neilson

    Love your example of what not to do. I have had similar stories with clients, but not that bad. Usually catch them with only 1-3 months of payroll to clean up. I tell all my clients, if you do nothing else right, you must do payroll to the letter. It will always come bite them back big time, if they don’t!

    • StacyK

      Right? If you don’t hire someone to help you with anything else – DO IT FOR PAYROLL!

      I’ve seen so many clients get into trouble with this, and they don’t realize they’re personally responsible for any liabilities the company doesn’t pay.


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