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Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot at

Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot at

My friend Kim Amsbaugh’s recent blog recaps the 2013 Future of Accountancy Report. The latest and greatest report will be unveiled at QuickBooks Connect in October.

When I re-read the report, I realize it ties directly into why I started StacyK Academy.

Specifically, these predictions:

2013 Prediction: Accounting Profession’s Shifting Business Conditions Creates Threats and Opportunities.

StacyK response: Find your jam, man! Intuit recommends differentiating yourself to make sure you’re working in your sweet spot and to make it easier for clients to find you. Week 1 of Build Your Kickass Practice goes into detail on how to find your jam. Our S’Marketing class takes it to the next level, helping you determine how to use your jam to differentiate yourself AND identify the right folks to work with.

2013 Prediction: Online, Mobile, Social Technologies.

StacyK response: As a technology geek, I love finding the right apps for my practice and to help my clients succeed. I share my favorite apps during Building Your Kickass Practice, via my Appasaurus Rex webinars and on the Between Wall and Main/Appasaurus Rex Facebook Group. You can also use apps to help differentiate yourself and your practice and just make life easier!

2013: Demographic Shifts

StacyK response: Intuit says millennials are looking for careers that provide work-life balance and flexibility. If you know anything about my approach to business, you know I’m all about building a practice that works for your life. I’ve done a couple of webinars that may help you: Work/Life Balance and Setting Client Boundaries webinar outline my #nobookkeepingemergencies approach to life.

We’ll see what Intuit’s 2016 report reveals when they share the results at QuickBooks Connect. As for the latest StacyK response, I’ll be offering short courses and webinars to help answer your questions on a variety of topics like Apps, processes, how to use QuickBooks, growing your business. These “quick hits” will be taught by me as well as my trusted advisors. We’re in the planning phases, but will let you know what we have coming up soon.

In the meantime, I’m on the road again for Intuit, teaching QuickBooks Online around the country. Join me if you live near any of these locations:

Learn more or register today.


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