Greatest Hits from the Ledger

It’s busy season, and while I have at least 4000 ideas for blog ideas, the problem is finding time to get them all out of my head. Instead, I’m going this (somewhat lazy) route for a post: Greatest Hits from the Ledger. Trust me, these articles  will be helpful! They all come from an amazing resource – the Ledger (I’m only slightly biased, since I write for them every month).

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First up are some greatest hits from the Ledger, for small businesses:

Ben Rashkovich’s “7 Ways You Can Be Your Accountant’s Favorite Client”

I love this not just for the animated gifs, but because every single one of these 7 things? Will truly make you your accountant’s favorite client. Or at least put you in the top… 7.

MWood’s “19 of the Best Small Business Opportunities for 2016” 

If you’re tired of working 40 hours a week for the man, why not take a look at this list and see if something strikes your fancy, so you can start working 80 hours a week for YOURSELF. Bonus – some of them may services that your existing business could start to offer. Yay!

Here are some of lending’s greatest hits from the Ledger:

Sarita Harbour’s How the Kind of Debt You Have Affects Your Loan Chances

We all know how important it is to be aware of our credit scores and to periodically check our credit reports for accuracy so that we’re not surprised when we seek out loans. However, when was the last time someone explained to you how the TYPE of credit might impact your ability to get a loan? Probably never, if you’re like many of our clients.

Ben Rashkovich‘s The Alternative Lending 25: Small Business Edition

So many small businesses think the only way to get funding is to go the local bank and apply for a traditional loan or line of credit.  Ben points out “Fast, efficient, convenient, and flush with so many different options, the online alternative lending industry flourished as small business borrowers recognized its flexibility.” He then provides a great list of alternative lenders. A must read for any small business looking to get funding, or anyone working with a small business that might be looking.


Obviously, a list of greatest hits from the Ledger wouldn’t be complete without some of my own articles, about QuickBooks, of course!

My piece on The 12 Absolute Best Sources on How to Use QuickBooks Online

Here is where I list some fantastic resources for learning and using QuickBooks Online. From Intuit’s own sites, to conferences  and Facebook groups, you’ll be on your way to power user in no time! One thing missing? My own QBO Show! We were on hiatus when the article was written, but we just made our return on March 3, 2016.

My work around for Job Costing in QuickBooks Online with Sub-Customers

This won’t work for every company, but it does work. You have to be diligent about tracking and keeping the transaction numbering consistent, but until QuickBooks Online gives us progress invoicing and the ability to receive a partial purchase order, it’s this or a third party app.


I hope my list of greatest hits from the Ledger were helpful! Like I said, I have a jillion ideas from blog posts, but probably won’t have time to get them all posted until after busy season. Which is fine, because if you’re an accounting professional, you probably won’t have time to read them until then either!

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