I recently wrote a series of articles about redesigning my practice and developing, and I thought it might be nice to consolidate them all here in one place for your reading enjoyment:

Redesigning My Practice Part 1: One of the hardest things to do as a business owner – heck, as a person, is to recognize exactly what you suck at doing. And that’s just what I had to do these last few months…

Redesigning My Practice Part 2: Sometimes you just have to jump in the pool, and just hope there’s water in it…

Redesigning My Practice Part 3: It took starting a business for me to learn patience, and 11 years later, it took reworking that business to learn: patience… . 

Redesigning My Practice Part 4: I wish my dad was here to see all of this….

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  1. Jeff Skistad

    Love your writing. Right up my alley. And because my wife’s busy building a kick ass practice too I better get on your mailing list 😉


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